2.23     Substitutes.


            (1)        Qualifications.  Substitute teachers shall hold a valid Florida Teacher's Certificate or a Substitute Certificate issued by the Leon County School District, provided, however, that a person who is not properly certified may be employed as temporary substitute only in cases of emergency.  The amount of pay the substitute shall receive shall be in accordance with the adopted salary schedule for substitute teachers.


            (2)        Duties.  Substitute teachers are expected to observe the same hours and duties as the regular teacher.


            (a)        Daily records and reports must be made.


            (b)        When substituting for the same teacher three (3) or more days, the substitute will assume the responsibility of checking papers, recording grades, making lesson plans when necessary, attending faculty meetings and maintaining the classroom procedures.


            (c)        Substitutes will leave for the returning teacher a summary of the work covered and work assigned to the students plus noting problems encountered.


            (d)        Under no circumstances shall the substitute teacher administer corporal punishment.


            (3)        Basic Qualifications for Certification.  The Superintendent shall insure that each candidate for employment as an Instructional Substitute Teacher meets minimum requirements for employment as a Substitute and shall maintain records of such information in the candidate's district Personnel file.  Persons meeting these minimum standards may be issued a Leon County School District Substitute Teaching Certificate.  This Certificate shall be valid for (five) years.


            (a)        To be eligible for a Leon County Schools Substitute Teaching Certificate, an applicant must meet the following requirements:


            1.         Age and Health.  Meet the same age and health requirements which have been established for full‑time, and part‑time instructional personnel.


            2.         Fingerprinting.  Submit and have evaluated fingerprints and other law enforcement reports in the same manner as required for noninstructional personnel, Section 1012.21, Florida Statutes.


            3.         Hold an Associate Degree or hours equivalent (60 semester hours) to an Associate Degree or have completed three years of successful experience in Leon County as a teacher aide or instructional assistant based on a positive recommendation from the supervising administrator where the services were performed; and


            4.         Have successfully completed the Substitute Training Program provided through Leon County Schools Staff Development Office.


            (b)        Renewal of Certificate.  To renew a Substitute Certificate a substitute must successfully complete a refresher training program taken during the validity period of the certificate, administered by the Staff Development Office or successfully complete three (3) semester hours of university credit.


            (c)        Application Procedures.  The application procedure for Substitute Teachers shall be the same as the procedures for other instructional personnel in accordance with School Board Policy.  The application fee, which covers the expense of training, shall be set annually by the Board at the time it approves the tuition and fees for Adult/Vocational and Adult General Education programs.


Statutory authority:        1001.41, F.S.

Law Implemented:        1012.35 and 1012.39, F.S.

Adopted:                      November 15, 1990; September 8, 1992.